4 Reasons Why It May Be a Mistake to List Your House With a Columbus Agent

5 Reasons Why It May Be a Mistake to List Your House With a Columbus Agent

Let me go ahead and preface that in a lot of situations, it’s in a person’s best interest to list their house on the market; however, with in some situations – depending on the condition of the property and the desire for ease and convenience by an individual, it might be better to sell to an homebuyer or investment company like CMJones Homes . In fact, you may find that you wind up walking away from the closing table with less money than you thought you would originally in addition to having to deal with a lot more stress and time. Here’s a couple items to consider and count the cost when deciding to list your house with Columbus agent.

Prep Work

Unfortunately, selling your house on the market is not as simple as sticking a sign in the yard, making a craigslist posting, and calling it sold. There is a good deal of prep work and expense involved in listing a home on the market; at a minimum, a fresh coat of paint will likely need to added as well as any out-of-style decorations will need to be updated. When you list your home, you’re marketing it to other consumers like you that are looking for something move-in ready. Assuming that all the house needed was cosmetic updates, you’re going to want to stage your home using neutral tones and eliminate any personalized belongings that might interfere with marketing the property. Lastly you’re going to want professional digital photography, which is now the standard with online listings, so buyers today can scroll through listings online. While a Columbus real estate agent can guide you through these items and sometimes provide references to help prepare your house to be listed, it’s ultimately on you the homeowner to put in the hard work.

When you’ve finished with all your prep work, it’s now time to list it on the market. Keep in mind that the inconvenience isn’t over yet. Now when your agent calls to tell you that you have a showing, you’re going to have to pack up your kids, hide all evidence of any pets, and find entertainment for your family outside of the house and wait for the right, qualified buyer to appear. If the outlay of funds before the sale and the long, drawn-out listing process doesn’t sound enticing, read on as we explore the other reasons why listing your house with an Columbus agent may be a mistake.

Unrealistic Price

Homeowners often times add an emotional premium to the value of their house and think it’s worth more than the current market value. While a homeowner can be informed as to what they will be able to sell their house for, very simply, unless they are in the real estate field, they probably are overestimating its value or downplaying the amount of work that it needs in repairs. Again, not saying that homeowners can’t do the research to accurately figure out what their home is worth as-is or even after repairs on the market, just typically they don’t have the tools, professional resources, or experience in the market. Most homeowners just look at a Zillow estimate for their home, which is wildly inaccurate. Additionally, if you decide to list your house and the agent agrees with the number that you pulled off a 2-min online search, it could be a mistake to list your house with a Columbus agent. This isn’t always accurate, but typically if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Unfortunately, you learn too late with these agents as this arrangement often changes after the listing is lingering on the market and the agent begins to hint at price drops as a fix. The problem with this scenario is twofold, more time on the market means a lower final sales price, and an agent shouldn’t do everything you say and do; remember, you’re paying for their expertise to guide you. To summarize: your house might not sell on the market for as much as you think or need it to after putting in the time and energy, so do your due diligence. Next item to consider.


This would probably be the biggest reason for not listing your house and just selling to a home buyer like CMJones Homes . When you add up the listing costs, closing costs, time on the market, hassle, etc., it may be a mistake to list your house with an Columbus agent if you haven’t made sure that you‘ll easily pass the inspection phase of the sales process and appraise at value, both requirements for your buyers to qualify for their loan. Unless your home is brand new or in newly renovated condition, you may find yourself having to pay thousands out-of-pocket which quickly depletes the profits you were counting on from the sale of your home. Another reason properties may remain on the market for many days is if there are obvious signs of the property being in a state of distress in the listing photos. When you list your house with a Columbus agent, the buyer’s involved are those that are seeking homes in ready-to-move-in condition, so if the house looks distressed, the offers received will probably be low-balls offers. Lowball offers can be very upsetting for sellers that do not have a realistic picture of the current market value of their property in its present condition. Alternatively, a direct buyer from CMJones Homes will buy your home for as-is, and we’ll take all of the risks of repairs onto our shoulders so you can move on with your life. 

Quick Sale

If you’re counting on a quick sale, it may be a mistake to list your house with an Columbus agent. When you list your house, you’re at the mercy of the buyers and their lenders. While you can do things to help expedite the sales process, listing agent cannot provide to you is a closing date. Therefore, they cannot even guarantee that your home will sell. Add to these delays the possibility of problems with your buyers failing to qualify for financing or backing out of the deal if the inspection reveals significant issues. With our full-service team of professionals at CMJones Homes , we can move quickly from making the offer to the inspection and often sit down at the closing table in just a few weeks. When you sell directly to CMJones Homes , we have the flexibility to set the closing date when it’s most convenient for your plans, too.

Again, it may not be a mistake to list your house with a [market] agent – especially, if you don’t mind the prep work, your house is in good condition, and you aren’t in a time crunch. However, ff you don’t want to deal with the hassles of listing, repairs, and want to save the commissions and closing costs, it may not be in your best interest to list your house with an Columbus agent; a direct buyer from CMJones Homes may be just the solution that you are looking for. Why not find out how CMJones Homes can help you with a no-obligation consultation? Our goal at CMJones Homes is to make it easy for you to earn the highest profit on the sale of your home. Call CMJones Homes at (614) 360-9306.

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