3 Insider Tips from Real Estate Investors to Accelerate Your Property Sale in Columbus

If you’re seeking a rapid property sale, rest assured that you’re not alone. Various factors, such as urgent personal or business matters, can force you to move before you’re ready to sell your property or make it even more expensive to wait. Additionally, you may not have the interest or resources to invest in a traditional listing. Real estate investors possess valuable insights that can help you sell your property quickly. In this article, we’ll delve into three real estate investor secrets—decluttering, enhancing details, and addressing repairs—that can assist you in selling your property quickly in Columbus.

Declutter Your Space

One key secret from real estate investors for a speedy property sale in Columbus is to be mindful of clutter after flipping a house. Decluttering will create a more open and inviting atmosphere during showings. Removing clutter helps potential buyers envision themselves in the space and makes the property appear more spacious and well-maintained.

  • Organizing and Storage: Consider organizing your belongings and investing in storage solutions to keep your property clutter-free. This approach not only helps with showings but also simplifies the moving process.
  • Staging: Professionally staging your property after decluttering can further enhance its appeal and increase the likelihood of a faster sale.
  • Cleaning: this is the most underrated item that you can do prior to listing that gives you the best bang for you buck. A good cleaning can sometimes make it look like you updated the entire house.


Another secret from real estate investors is to improve the outdoor curb appeal and refresh the interior with new paint, flooring, or countertops. Paying attention to these details can make your property more attractive to potential buyers.

  • Landscaping: Enhance the outdoor space by maintaining the lawn, trimming bushes, and adding colorful flowers or plants. This simple effort can create a strong first impression on potential buyers. Throwing a new layer of mulch down can cost less than $100 and will make the outside really “pop” as well.
  • Neutral Palette: Using neutral paint colors for the interior can create a more welcoming and versatile environment. This allows potential buyers to envision their own style and preferences within the space.
  • Update Fixtures: Replacing outdated fixtures, such as lighting, faucets, and cabinet hardware, can give your property a modern, polished appearance without breaking the bank or even having to replace some of the higher ticket items.


Performing a professional inspection and addressing necessary repairs is another secret from real estate investors to help you sell your property fast in Columbus. By proactively handling repairs, you can avoid delays or unexpected expenses due to contingencies that may reduce your profits.

  • Inspection: A thorough inspection provides you with a clear understanding of any issues that need attention. This allows you to make informed decisions about what repairs to prioritize before listing your property.
  • Cosmetic Repairs: Tackling minor cosmetic repairs, such as fixing holes in walls, repairing broken tiles, or touching up paint, can make a significant difference in the overall presentation of your property.
  • Major Repairs: For more significant repairs, such as structural issues or outdated systems, consider obtaining quotes from professionals. This will help you determine whether it is worth investing in the repairs or adjusting your asking price accordingly.

Lastly, if you decide that you don’t wanted to do any of this stuff to sell your home traditionally, let us do it for you by letting up give you an offer for your house “as-is”. Our team will provide a seamless, convenient, and transparent process to help you sell your property fast in Columbus. With a passion for improving the community and assisting property owners like you, CMJones Homes offers personalized solutions to cater to your needs. Reach out to us for a no-obligation discussion about your property, and experience the difference that comes from working with a team who truly cares about your success.

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